Book Three in the Reading Level 4 Series

H'okay. Black Castle book number 3 - Shadows and Stones - is done and posted to the skydrive (link here). Whew....

One more to go.

Oh, no questions yet. (I'm really bad at making up questions and worksheets and such.) If you have any you want to send and share, I'll stick 'em up in the skydrive.



KarenB said...

Just in time to send home with learners for holiday reading homework. Nice. Questions to come, soon.

Wendell said...

LOL - I just dropped a copy off to a learner at home - "Merry Christmas! Here's your homework!"

Yes, questions. Ginny (a co-worker) was asking the other night, "Did Karen ever send you any more questions?" We've got a date set aside this month to work on some together.

One more book to go... Then maybe I'll send the quartet to NALD to promote.