Kids Just Wanna Have... Books

Whereupon, discovering the chest held books,
one pirate set upon another in the contest for
who should be first to choose.

Here's a note we got back from a community partner after supplying some books for their 2009 Christmas party:

Thanks for starting fights at the party. lol Actually had to intervene in 2 fights over books. Those great books that you brought were fought over by 2 different sets of people. lmao Imagine that. And.... people were trying to steal them. The books were a huge hit, can't wait to expand on it next year.

Hey, our pleasure!

This book give-away (one of two) is part of our expanded post-storytent work in two neighbourhoods over the winter. More about that later.

Just keep this in mind the next time you hear some old troll say kids don't like books or reading.

Of course they do.

They don't like bullying, crappy books, tests or home assignments. But books - good books - are on their list of things worth fighting for.

What!?! You think she wouldn't put out your lights for a chance to read a good book in peace?


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