Online Resources - Few and Far Between

Scam city central. Putting the phrase "GED essay" in a post is enough to attract a scam-bot from the GED A+ Essay Services. The scam-bot then generates a redirect that sends your readers to a multi-faced web service that promises to write you a plagiarism free essay for a small fee. Indeed, they offer a $5,000 no-plagiarism guarantee.

Since they've already claimed authorship of my last post (see the image below - clicking on that Q~C~L link takes you there, not here), I'm thinking plagiarism is about the only thing these guys can guarantee.

Do these services work? I mean, do they actually earn income? Judge for yourself. This is some text from an online advice forum:

I ordered a custom essay... for $79.96. ...After 12 hours, he sends me an essay via email attachment which seemed mediocre... I emailed him for a revision with exact instructions.... No response. ...I thought, "hmm maybe he downloaded the essay from one of those sites that sells already written essays"... So I do some searching across the internet by the title and copy and pasting some of the body of the essay... and I find many..results. The seller got the essay from one of those pre-written essay sites (probably a member who pays monthly to access their datebase [sic]) and charged me 80 bucks.
... Can I even take legal action? ...if I DO get kicked out of school for plagiarism, would that entitle me to sue this guy for ruining my life?

Um... no. But thanks for being entertainingly dense.

Just last evening a colleague was bemoaning the disproportionate number of misleading learner resource sites out there. "You click on a link, and it just takes you to another link, and then another... and you never get to the thing they promise."

That's the over-sold and under-used aspect of the internet.

The good news is we have sites like NALD, which just celebrated it's 20th. NALD is a bit hard to navigate because it's so large. But that's a product of success, not failure. If I took 10 minutes to learn how to build a custom Google search I could fix that.

Two other sites I watch for resources are Alphaplus (they don't host so much as point out) and the New Zealand Literacy Portal. I'm sure there are other state and provincial resources, and probably some in the U.K. - I just don't know enough of them.

Of course, you can always come here. I'll write you essays galore, and I won't charge you a cent.



Johanna said...

Ah, I've also been bugged by these esssay (deliberately misspelled so we don't attract more) spammers on my blog. I've nearly been fooled a couple of times as they've tried to leave 'nice' but vacuous comments. Flattery nearly got them somewhere I'm ashamed to say.

Anyway, you've got some very interesting stuff on your blog (possibly vacuous-sounding comment but true!). Particularly interested in your take on phonics which I'm looking into at the moment.

Do drop by if you're ever in that neck of the internet.

Wendell said...

Thanks Johanna. :)

I certainly will drop by.