Reading and Writing Book Reviews

"Are there questions to go with this book?" she asked.

Sort of.

Luckily, I was almost finished typing out a sheet on writing a book review. Years ago, I had a really good version of tips and examples for writing reviews. Actually, I had one for fiction and one for non-fiction. Those were the days when we were putting out Hooked, our class newsletter on entertainment and leisure activities. Then... those handy sheets just slipped away, or got deleted or lost on failed hard drives. You know how it is.

I like book review exercises because it's something a learner can do no matter what their independent reading level. I've seen perfectly fine reviews of three sentences on level one books, and also conventional 250 word GED essay-style reviews. Also, you can review any kind of book or story - even a math book if you are so inclined.

Like all writing, composing a review offers a chance to practice spelling, punctuation, clear expression and making an argument in a relatively functional context. (Not really functional, since it's schoolwork; but better than a bunch of brainless workbook exercises IMHO.)

Anyway, today I made up a new "Book Review" guide. Maybe it will get test driven today.

Meantime, I'm throwing it up on the the skydrive as a word doc (link here). The document itself is a reading level 5 or 6, so I've created a new folder for it.

Just FYI. :)

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