What Is A "Christmas Break"?

I have a chart on my fridge that lists the differences between a "high school" modeled adult learning program and community-based adult literacy work that follows adult learning principles.

(Yes, I know. That's a pretty dorky thing to have on my fridge. Nevermind.)

The chart offers a lot of reflection and conversation points. One of them is this: where civil servants manage adult literacy or basic adult education services, they may think of these services as public school for big people. And if they have that paradigm, they may feel comfortable with things like a two week Christmas break.

But, where and when adults want literacy help to deal with stuff like bills or meds or kids or courts or work... those adults don't look forward to a Christmas break.

Where and when adult literacy work has a large counseling and support / encouragement dimension - someone's left an abusive relationship, just lost a job, is having trouble fitting into a new city or country - Christmas might be the worst time to take a break.

I'm just saying. Community literacy, and schooling for grown-ups, can be two different worlds.

K. I have to go to the bank now and plan for my two-week lay-off. (A cheerful "Christmas break" without pay is something else them civil servants thought up). Then, I have some house visits to arrange.

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