Family Literacy (Nova Scotia)

I'm bored tonight.

I'm bored, and my learners are polite but firm.

No, thank you, they don't need help right now. Perhaps, Wendell, you might find some of your own work to do.


So, I will.

Anyway, before we left the Day too far behind, I wanted to give a shout out to Nova Scotia's literacy workers. And also to Ross Landry.

In the online version of The News, a New Glasgow paper, the Hon. Ross Landry, provincial Justice minister, was quoted thus:

"Adult literacy is a key ingredient to advancing efforts in family literacy."

He said that increased self-esteem in parents and caregivers through increasing literacy spins off to successful, confident, intelligent children.

"Children who see parents involved in literacy, they get energized as well…."

The News also spoke with Lynne Wells-Orchard, acting manager of the province's Adult Education Division of the Department of Labour and Workforce Development. She "said parents are children's first teachers and the better equipped parents are to support their educational goals, the better equipped they are to support their children."

And she is absolutely right. Here, too: "Partnerships are key…. A safe, supportive, literate community is everyone's responsibility and reward."

So, yay for Nova Scotia - and a special yay for the Pictou County Continuous Learning Association - which gets the connection between adult learning and family literacy.


Now, surely somebody needs help with something.

I'll just go ask.

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