Have Laptop, Will Publish

Two laptops, a printer/photocopier, two digital cameras (that double as audio recorders), a projector and screen, a cell phone, some other odds and ends... I call it our "office in a box."

If I wanted it to sound more sexy, I'd call it our "street office" or "cloud computing" or something. Mostly, it means we don't have core funding, and so use borrowed work spaces, public infrastructure, and home-scale technologies. Today - knowing there was no internet at the community space we sometimes use - we decided to brave a snowstorm and meet up at the public library (bringing the "office" with us). Sadly, it was closed, and we ended up working at a little table in the mall.

Ah, well.

We kept our humour, and managed to get some final editing done, add a research page to the QLNB website, and work out the process for putting earlier Storytent research online.

Is it any wonder I'm all about open access, google tools, and windows live?

Community literacy - we never close.


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