Jan 27th (Part 3)

Tired now. It's not quite 10 pm as I'm writing this, but I'm a sleepy bear.

My colleague and I were down to a basement community centre. It was in a public housing neighborhood outside our regular routes, and we were guests and strangers to most. There were some snacks, karaoke, and a bag of books - board books through to adult - we brought for a free draw.

Mostly, the night was about singing. I sang Okie From Muskogee, and that was enough stage fright for me. (Rage first thing in the morning, Merle Haggard last thing at night - I guess there's a kind of logic in that.) Cheryl sang up a storm. She brought a crowd of kids to her feet with Avril Lavigne's Complicated, and pulled dancers out on the floor with Chantilly Lace.

Nevermind the big industrial stuff. Tonight was nice and warm and simple. It felt like good work. Local stuff. A human scale.

A good time.

Good night, Canada.

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