Sorting Out Shadows, Stones and Smacks

Parker! Make up your mind! Is it Stones and Shadows or Shadows and Stones? And where's my picture of Spiderman?

I got an email from my editor about the 3rd Liz Tracy book. She spotted a few mistakes (fixed!), and suggested page numbers (done!). She also sent questions for Chapters One and Two - questions for learners, not for me.

I've also tried to clean-up the sidebar widget a bit. Now (hopefully) when you click on a book title, a download dialogue box will open up. There will be no more need to wander around in my ill-organized skydrive. (It's still my plan to someday get a blogsite up that does nothing but point to these and other online reading resources for learners working at the lower levels. Kind of like the PRACE site.)

Actually, my editor did have a question for me - the same one I've heard from two others: "What's a smack?"

Well... this is:

A smack is a small fishing boat. In the 1800s, a "smack" (also a "lugger"?) was a sailing vessel with a single mast that supported two sails (fore and aft), and a well or hold for keeping fish fresh. In the mid-1900s, many had steam- or diesel-powered inboard engines added. Apparently, some were also re-rigged into ketches (um... ships with two masts like the one below?) but I don't know much about that.

* Thanks Karen. :)


KarenB said...

So, I've been promoted from reader-fan to 'editor'? I love it. Happy to serve the cause, Wendell!

Wendell said...

Just waiting for that call from Hollywood to promote you to agent-manager.


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