Catching Up : )

My editor has gently reminded me that it's been a while since I posted here.

Partly this is due to the time of year. It's proposal time again, time when some of us try to figure out how to get the rent paid this summer. It's also Springtime in Canada, and I've been spending a bit of time sitting out in the sun or walking by the river. Too, I've been doing some reading and some old-skool writing (fact and fiction, more on that later), as well as the work... library-building, and one-on-one and small class tutoring, etc.

There are a half-dozen, half-written posts in draft around here someplace, and more tucked in a corner of my brain. (Psst... did you hear the latest about ABC Canada and the PGI?) Maybe, when things slow down for Easter, we can get caught up.


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KarenB said...

Thanks, Wendell. It's good to hear your (blog) voice, again, even if it's just to say you'll post later.
Just checked the calendar this morning and saw I only have 10 weeks until my summer layoff. May have to take your lead and get writing some proposals myself.