Adult Reader - Level 2

Here's one of the things I've been working on: The Weatherman.

This is one of four stories - reading level high 2, low 3 - that I'm intending to post in pdf, along with worksheets... um... probably. I guess I'll put up a sidebar widget with direct download links right beneath the Black Castle one. (Yes, yes. I know I'm not done the Black Castle books. I have a learner who reminds me once a week.) As with the others, these are free to use or adapt. The copyright is mine, meaning no one else can claim to own them. But I do intend them to be free and adaptable resources.

With that in mind, I'm putting up links in this post (not in the sidebar) to the story and worksheets in Word. I know that many will find it easier to change a word document than to work with pdf.

If you have cause to use or adapt these stories, please drop me a line ( - especially if you notice any typos, disagree with the reading level, etc. Besides meeting my power need and giving me something to show my mother, it would help me if I go courting funders to show that somebody somewhere found the stories useful.

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