Community Library Grand Opening

This is long overdue & is needed for the children
Needed so much for the children!
You go girls!
Awesome group!
Anglin Dr is Alive & Well
way to go!!!
Great Job
What a wonderful community initiative!
Well done!
You are awesome, Charlene!
- comments from the Guest Book.

I got there at noon; in time to help hang balloons and take a couple of 'before' shots.

The public started wandering in about 1 o'clock - right on time - and then the special guests arrived.

Fifteen minutes later, all thirty of us crowded the stairs for the ribbon-cutting (the library is on the second floor). Sponsors were thanked. The photographer from the newspaper said "Just one more time" one more time. Then we reps were gathered for a group shot in the library itself - the money shot that made it into the newspaper story.

Immediately after, the room filled with children and parents wanting to borrow books. This posed a problem for the librarian who - caught mid Grand Opening - was supposed to be downstairs cutting the cake.

Negotiations happened. A couple of Wimpy Kid books were hidden "until we're all done downstairs." We found our way down to the first floor again.

Key volunteers gathered around the cake. Kelly made a speech and started crying. Charlene got her flowers. Kids clapped and wondered when they were going to get their books.

The cake was cut. Small talk ensued. Out in the kitchen, three ladies organized a Monday morning exercise group. A few kids gave up on the Wimpy Kid books and settled for Cap't Underpants.

Guests began to leave. Someone said we should all go out and stand in front of the rock-art the kids had done. That led to more poses, more pictures. Then back inside, before the rain started.

By 2:30, things had wound down. The kids collected their books - a half dozen or so getting library cards. The Anglin Drive volunteers were pleased. "That's the most people we've ever had in the building," they said.

Okay. Time to go home. Good time had by all.

P.s., here's a way-before shot from last November, when the library was being planned for "the little room".


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