Making Math Easy (Part 2)

On our second meeting, I offered a quick review of what we had done. We talked through the simple angle problems - calculating remainders based on a total of 90 or 180 degrees. Then, we recalled what we'd done with triangles.

"So," I said, drawing a wobbly-sided shape, "suppose this corner, this angle, is 70 degrees. And suppose this angle up here is, um, 40 degrees. Then..."

"One hundred and ten," she said.


"One hundred and ten."

"What's 110?"

"The two angles. They add up to 110 degrees, which means the other one is 30."

"Um... Right. Yes." And then, "I thought you were bad at math."

"But you said it was easy," she said, "so I thought, well, let's go from there."

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