Reading Twilight

Strictly speaking... you know, according to reading level assessments... Twilight is too hard for her.

The Twilight books are about a 9 or 10, maybe? I don't really know. Has anybody tried leveling them yet?

Anyway, I do know she assesses at about a 5 or 6 (depending on background knowledge, font* and other such variables). So, like I said, strictly speaking, Twilight's too hard.

Fortunately, I'm not all that strict.

"Oh my god! Are those Twilight books? Sweet!"

She tucked into the first book. The rest of us watched for a minute. Then, realizing we no longer existed for her, we got on with our lives.

About half an hour along, maybe more, I checked in with her. She was about 30 pages in. "How's it going?" I asked. Realizing that wasn't much of a question, I followed up with the even lamer, "Has she been bitten yet?"

She looked up, eyes bright. "No. But this is where she meets him for the first time. It's so exciting!" She stood up. Sat back down. And started reading again.

I don't know how far she got in class (she stopped for a while to work on decimals) but she took the book home for the weekend, and I expect she'll be looking for the second title next week.

Strictly speaking, they're all too hard for her, of course.

But it is Edward. So, whatcha gonna do but read?

* I had enough sense the buy the 21 cm (8.25") high MT Little Brown paperback. It has well spaced lines, and about 300 words per page set in a serifed font that looks like Times New Roman 14, but seems a little cleaner, a little expanded.

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