Scary Monsters

It was quiet in class.

There was the regular outside noise. Cars on the street. Somebody talking too loud next door.

But inside, two of us were reading, and the others were muttering math.

I was trying really hard to figure a set of angles when there was totally not enough information unless you're, like, an ancient Greek when...

...she springs to her feet. "Oh, I love him!" wha!!! "This is so cool!"

She sat back down.

My heart eased back into my chest.

Twilight books.

In other news, I've managed to get Liz Tracy back into trouble for the 4th "Black Castle" book. This time, she's lost in a snowstorm and about to be rescued by a ghost.

I'd only planned to write four books - I think the first two actual said "1 of 4" and "2 of 4" - but looking ahead I think there will need to be six books.

Then we can start working on National Arts and NFB funding for the movie - LOL.

Sing, Dave.

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