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Anyway, I no sooner finished my pouty and soulful reflective post on the lack of literacy blogs, when I got a cheerful missive from Samantha Miller letting me know about her list of the 50 Best Blogs for Literacy Teachers, and wishing me a good week.

Fifty of em? Really!? Fifty literacy blogs?!?

I was so excited. Then I got doubtful, thinking perhaps she'd cast too wide a lasso.

For example, she lists Ted Landphair’s America, even though his most recent post mentioning literacy is December 3 2008; and then what he had to say was:

And I worry that the decline in readership that has led to the slow financial starvation of America’s newspapers is eroding our literacy, citizenship, imagination, curiosity, and preparedness. We’re in real trouble if today’s definition of “being informed” is “checking my messages.”

Ted's lists of labels or tags (Wordpress uses the former, Blogger calls them the latter) doesn't include books, reading, literacy, education or libraries. He does have one post about librarians, and two on language, but neither of these are about literacy in even the widest sense.

Of course, that's okay. Ted never said he was on about literacy. He describes his blog as "a far-ranging exploration of American life by a veteran Voice of America "Americana" reporter and essayist."

Still, it makes you wonder about Sam's list. What was she thinking? Turns out, she was thinking Ted's blog is an "historical resource that comes accompanied by some excellent – often obscure – vocabulary words. There are many potential lessons to be found here!"

She's right, of course. The mistake was mine.

Samantha's not listing "Literacy Blogs": she's listing blogs of use to literacy facilitators - the 50 Best Blogs for Literacy Teachers.

How many are contributors to a conversation about literacy itself? Not many. Less than a quarter...? maybe...? whatever.... I'll look closer once I find enough energy to get the scotch back down from cupboard and open another package of them chocolate Girl Guide cookies.

Anyway, thanks for listing mine (even if it is way down at number 27 !!). She describes it as "painstakingly thorough" - which, for all youse haters out there, does not mean it's too long.

Guess it could be worse. The synopsis of no. 33, the DLC Adult Literacy Community, begins, "In spite of being based in North Carolina...." Oooo... harsh.


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