Self-Directed Learning

I woke up Friday morning once again uneasily aware I had nothing prepared for my Friday evening learner.

(This, you understand, is because I'm lazy and no damn good.)

I hemmed and hawed all day, thought about the resources I knew were already at her place, and poked about online for a bit. By four o'clock I was decidedly grumpy. Then, at the last minute, I packed all my 12 or 15 Grass Roots Press Easy Readers. We'd read them all before, but not for 7 or 8 months, so maybe....

Well, just maybe.

Anyway, I needed have bothered.

Because when I arrived, all the papers and books and workbooks and scribblers we'd been reading or marking up or writing in were safely piled out of the way in a corner of the cupboard. And there on the kitchen table, all alone on the kitchen table, was a DriveWiseNB driver's education workbook.

"I thought," she said, somewhat shyly, "we could just do this for tonight. Yes. Because I have a test tomorrow."

Well... I did have plans, but I suppose just this once....

Is there anything better than self-directed learning? I think not!

You know, one day it may save us all.

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