What Not To Say To Funders

My program does not need more research, project dollars or one time only grants. PLEASE!! Spare me the token help. I need dollars to adequately compensate staff, pay the rent and keep the lights on. I am tired of going cap in hand to landlords, community service organizations and private citizens to ask for money to meet the costs of running a literacy program.
Northern Ontario Literacy Worker
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Hard to read in those May 10th stories pictured above is the $91 million sought for storm drains and culverts. There's also the $2 million, $23 million and $25 million for renovating two university buildings and constructing another, as well as $6 million for landscaping ("I want people to drive through the gate, look up and say, 'this is a prominent institution'" said UNBSJ's vice-president). Then there's the $7.7 million "for farmers" whatever that means.

Meantime, we've been working in a priority neighbourhood... Yeah! That's what they call it now, a "priority neighbourhood", but don't ask me wtf "priority" could possibly mean in the context of the above spending choices....

Anyway, we've been working in this priority neighbourhood for 10 years. Without core funding, you understand. Living real hand-to-mouth.

We're working, and we're planning our 8th year with a particularly popular, award-winning, research-validated program, and we're looking for money for that program.

And in one of those money meetings, somebody asks, doubtfully, "What's your plan for sustainability?"




Eight years of going season by season and month by month and making it work every freaking year, and now before you give us 10 k you wanna know if we're sustainable???

Step outside, mudherrf@#&r.... I'll show you how I can sustain up and down your @$$!!!

♫ (She said) shut your mouth! ♪
♪ But I'm talking 'bout Shaft! ♪♪

(She said) no, you idiot. You're talking about our funding.

yeah... I can dig it. :(

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