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Yeah, look, sorry about being away some. Sorrier than usual because there's been some interesting things happening at home and abroad that I'm dying to share. But I've been busy thinking. I know, I know - that doesn't sound like an excuse, but it is! Some people go to Nova Scotia. I sit in my lawn chair and think.

Let me just bookmark today with another one of those videos.

This is my attempt at an adult literacy / basic education promo. It's my least favourite of the four I've been working on; partially because it uses my least favourite animoto template.

(Freeloaders like me have a choice of four - though there's a fifth coming - and I've used all four for four separate projects: storytent; bookwagon; libraries; adult learning.)

Besides being a horrific waste of time, making these shorts is an challenging exercise in... what? self-awareness? concision?

How would you encapsulate your work in 8 to 12 photos - fewer if you want text - crammed into 30 sec? What slogan would you create? If you could say one thing, what would it be?

Anyway, here's my latest home movie...


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KarenB said...

Just wondered if you've tried upgrading your free Animoto account. Richard Byrne on FreeTech4Teachers says you can apply for a free education account that gives you access to some more tools and longer videos. Doesn't specifically mention any limitations to US or otherwise. Could be worth looking into. That way you can spend way more of your time creating your masterpieces.

Wendell said...

Hi Karen. Thks for that link.

I haven't tried up-grading - in part because I'm interested in the exercise of expressing an idea within a 30-35 sec time frame. Also, I'm not sure more swirly pictures and an extended sound-track would yield a better product. I'm more inclined to use the 30 animato vids within a more conventional video document (maybe using one of the other tools Mr. Byrne points out).