Distance Learning and Professional Sharing

Sometimes, I climb to the roof and gaze in a north-westerly direction in hopes of seeing what they're doing now in Ontario and places further afield.

At other times, I listen to the sounds traveling through the railroad tracks - garbled sounds from Montreal intermingled with talk from New England.

When these fail, I visit the AlphaPlus Blog, where I read stuff like this:

For 2 action-packed days we explored... an amazing array of tools – everything from Animoto (to make our own videos) to bubble.us (a great online brainstorming tool) and wordle – experimenting, playing and creating and thinking about and sharing how to incorporate transliteracy in adult literacy teaching and learning.

Well, says I. I figure I can be as transliterary as the next fella. So I visited Animoto and made this:

It's not quite the same as being at the conference. I had to cut up my own triangular sandwiches, for example, and there was no mini-bar in my room.

Still, I'm pleased as punch at having made my own, um... well, television commercial, I guess. That's still pretty cool! Right? Actually, I think it is. Cool enough that I've stuck it up on the Bookwagon tab of our Quality Learning NB facebook page (which you must go 'like' right now).

But more, I'm pleased to be able to attest to the power of sharing through blogs and such. Having sites like AlphaPlus or the Café is so much nicer than straining my eyes westward, or getting run over by a train.

Thanks, gang. :)

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