Books, Bears and Wheels - Emergent Reading

A day full of sunshine, books and kids. :)

One little guy and I read a bunch of vehicle-centric board books, finishing up Barton's Trucks and somebody else's Big Wheels. He seemed to be mostly about counting tires, which was okay with me. I reached over and dug out Bears on Wheels. He pointed out the bear - "Bear!" - and then the wheel - "Wheel!" - and then opened the book. Immediately inside this particular hard cover was a sort of cover page without pictures, and only the words "Bears on Wheels".

"Numbers?" he asked, pointing.

"Yes. Those kind of numbers are called 'letters'" I added.


"That's right."

He turned the page and set to counting.

Later, I read Bears in the Night and listened to a child read Bears on Wheels. He did well enough that I ventured Inside Outside Upside Down. But it was too much for the first go - we ended up shadow reading.

By the way, Bears on Wheels and Bears in the Night are at level "D". By comparison, Inside Outside Upside Down and the much too long Go Dog Go are both an "E". Tongue-twisty One Fish Two Fish is an "F"'.

Knowing that - and having the right pile of books near at hand - is entirely useful for helping emergent readers.

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