Rainy Day Storytents

There was thunder. There was lightning
Then the stars went out.
And the moon fell from the sky. It rained
It rained trout
Tom Waites

Which was Okay cause we was ready for it.

Hell, we was ready for high winds, heavy snowfall, and small arms fire.

Most of our camp-craft skills are born of the fact no one in Saint John will retail the tents we need for Storytent. The poles from our three year old tents are bent and taped and broken. You can see sky through the canopies, and most of the leg & corner pieces have been taped back together too many times.

This morning, watching rain stream down the windows, we decided to use our two biggest groundsheets as extra cover. Which worked out pretty good - there was only one leak all day. The only down side is that all our tarps and plastic tents are wet now - and not likely to dry over-night given the humidity.

We build it, and they come. This morning we had six kids and one parent - five families represented. In the afternoon, as the rain steadied on, we hosted seven more kids. All day, about 18 books were borrowed, 12 came back, and Storytent workers read about 50 books collectively. (The afternoon was slower in my tent where there was chapter book reading going on. One little girl explained, "I like to read in my head.")

p.s. It didn't really thunder - we cancel when thunder shows up. but the bit about the fish is true. seriously.

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