Twenty-one Families Access Neighbourhood Bookwagon

bookwagon for adults

The books are here! Yay!

So, of course, we stickered some up and tossed them in the bookwagon. The Stress book got snapped up at the first stop. Well... actually, we suspected it would be.

After that, we didn't lend anything to an adult. But there were two other conversations with moms about child-health and child-schooling issues. And we spent time with another mom who didn't borrow but did take the opportunity for some justified bragging about her son's progress - you go, girl!

We lent 67 books to 28 kids (some still in their p.j.'s) from 21 different families, fielded a request for more Frog and Toad (Lobel), and laughed out loud when one girl put back a Junie B. Jones book, saying, "Oh. I can't get this one because my mom'll make me read it."

Yes... far better to get one your mom has to read to you!

bookwagon for kids

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