Wishing We Were There

"Government of Canada reinforces commitment to literacy and essential skills at Edmonton conference," the Ontario Literacy Coalition tweeted.

"Really?" I asked.

True, they said. "The OLC was there!"

Well good! Yay! But also, Drat! 'Cause I wasn't there.

Though this tweet was the first thing I've seen on the web, I've heard other talk about the energy and rare optimism at this conference.

I've been told Elsa Auerbach's keynote address was "critically inspiring and totally anti-'family literacy lifts people out of poverty.' The main message being that you HAVE to consider the external/macro environment and not download economic responsibilities onto the micro unit (the family)."

I heard "Victoria Purcell-Gates' workshop about her Authentic family literacy project... denounced [workbooks in favour of] real life literacy for children AND adults."

I even heard that Tom King left people "Entertained (yes, with a capital 'E')" which, having read and re-read his "Let me entertain you", makes me insanely jealous of everyone who was there, including the OLC.

Oh why, oh why must the best stuff happen 7 air-hours and hundreds of dollars away?

And now I expect the OLC to remind me of their equally promising up-coming Spotlight on Learning Conference (Oct 18 -20, in Toronto):

a Canada-East (Ontario to Newfoundland and Labrador) conference focusing on how literacy can be a tool for positive change at work, at home and in the community. Policy, research and practical tools are major components of this conference.

If only I weren't so afraid of flying. And spending money.

All I can do is I hope somebody tweets it. :)

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