Canadians Who Read

I read (Globe&Mail) about this federal politician who leaves for work early and reads "eight or nine newspapers at the office, before getting ready for the day's Question Period."

They say he "brings a lunch to eat in his office, having prepared food for himself and his wife the previous weekend" and hits the gym in the afternoon. He ends the day "watching the news and then reading a book, aiming for 200 pages a week."

Reading a book. Two hundred pages a week. Doesn't say fiction or non-fiction, though I'm guessing the second. Plus eight or nine newspapers daily.

So, what do you think?

Would they let the leader of the the Bloc Québécois stand as a national spokesperson for reading? Would they fête Gilles Duceppe for being a role model for Canadian kids - especially those boys who, we're told, won't read without a successful male to look up to? Would they invite him to be the public face of ABC Canada or Movement for Canadian Literacy?

And if not, then what's that say? What's that say?

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