I'd Rather Be Fishing

writing a report

It's hard to write a good program report. Hard to find the balance.

To not just rant about all the disappointments and challenges and everyone who done you wrong.

To not just rave about the sunshine and successes and everything that was either completely perfect or perfectly astounding, even if they seem a little drier on paper.

To not write a number-soaked sales pitch full of buzz words and plastic words and weasel words and half-truths meant to secure next year's funding.

Hardest of all - to not write a 700 page book that says everything.

(Note to self: successful reports contain pictures, tables, bullet points, and are less than twenty pages long.)

And, to make matters worse, we've already started our new autumn project - and it's ever so much more exciting to start a new project than to stay up late writing about the last one.

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