The Liz Tracy Stories

black castle

I've been poking away at the Black Castle - Liz Tracy stories again. Actually, I've been poking away at illustrations using my Bamboo draw-pad thingy.

It's a learning curve - even learning to hold the 'pen' and orient the pad. I'm working in paint, bouncing over to irfan once in a while to play with an effect.

I was a bit stumped about drawing Liz. I'm pretty poor at drawing anything fancier than rocks and trees. Then, midway through the day, I had the idea of adapting a set of Yahoo avatars.

That kinda worked - though I'm going to have to do more to blend Yahoo's cartoon styles with my rough sketch style.

Still, it was enough for me to also go ahead and make this promo video for the stories.

The practiced eye will recognize all this as procrastination. I'm stuck in the middle of story #4 and don't know how to get any further. And, I've heard enough feedback to realize I need to go back and rewrite the ending to #3.

A co-worker has suggested I go right back to the beginning and republish the stories one chapter at a time as a weekly serial. Since each book has five or six chapters, and since the first stories are finished, she says, I should have lots of time to stay ahead of the demand. She also thinks it would generate interest among learners.

That's an idea, although I'd have to take a second look at chapter length to ensure I was publishing roughly the same amount each week.

What I'm not sure about is the format and/or if and how it can be bound.

Also, I like the idea of a 2000 to 3000 word self-contained book that learners can take home to read when the mood strikes. I'm not sure a series of chapters stretching over 24 weeks (6 months) has the same utility.

Well... I don't know. And I don't know how to monetize this.

And it's all just procrastination anyway until I get through the middle of book 4.

black castle

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