I see it's been a week since my last post here. Well, it's been a week....

A lot of good stuff happened. So other stuff happened, too. I met lots of new people, which meant new challenges and puzzles and excitements and disappointments. I tried hard. I slept a bunch. Through all of that, getting a finished post up wasn't enough of a priority.

I say "finished" because I have fistfull in draft - most sitting on my desktop as text files.

There are two on math, one on family literacy services in NB, one on our new early years learning framework (tied to a tutoring experience), one on the last Saturday bookwagon, and one on adult literacy in Ireland. There's also a post on blogging keywords, two on science, one on elections and politics, one on the university and the discipline of political economy, and one on the difference between learning disabilities and more general cognitive challenges. Then there are three I've started on adult reading materials, and one on readability. Oh, and I wanted to say something nice about a co-worker.

That's the easy part - getting an idea, a hundred words or so, an image. After that, the work starts.

The first piece of work is deciding if what I've started really is worth posting. Is it more than just a knee-jerk reaction to a newscast or poor service? Is it on topic - i.e., does it have something to do with literacy, basic adult education or GED prep? Does it add something to the Conversation?

Then, I have to ask what the structure will be. Where's the funny bit. Where's the emotion? How long is too long, or too short? How many images does it merit? Which ones, and where will I put them?

Then, there are the facts - rare though these may be. Are they reasonably accurate? Are the dates right? Have I misspelt an author's name? Have I misrepresented an author's words?

Next, what needs hot linking? Do the hot links work? Am I giving credit where its due?

Last, there's the grammar, spelling, word-left-out check - and trying to find all the times I've typed so for some or me for my.

I'm not saying I'm good at this list of tasks, or that I always take the care I could, or that I never stretch a post out of shape just to get a bit of useless venting done.

But, mostly, these are the things I think about, worry about, when I write and rewrite.

Which is why, on average, a post takes me about 2 hours from start to finish.

On average. This one will be about 30 minutes, start to finish. I already have my images saved on my HD, and there's no referencing to do. Of course, this is a pretty light post. It's one that, most days, I wouldn't consider worth putting up.

But it has been a week, so a placeholder post is better than nothing. I'll get it up, and then I'll see what I can do about polishing up one of the ones I've already started.


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