An effective facilitator is a conspicuous learner

It's the beginning of a new year, so I set about on my usual orgy of spending.

This year, I decided to pick up some science stuff.

Mind, I'm still unsure how to go about measuring the speed of light or pinning down the existence of neutrinos. But I thought I might take a second look at some invisible forces like magnets and radio waves.

They can't catch fire, right? Right?

I've talked before about my frustration with fake-science and just plain fakery. I also take it as a given that I can't assign learning interests to the adults around me. So I'm not going to be pulling out my build-a-radio kit with a hearty, "Hey guys, this should be fun!"

(Not least because it's me that's going to be building the radio, thank you very much.)

I don't even know if anyone will be interested.

But it feels like part of my job is or should be to learn conspicuously. An effective facilitator is a conspicuous learner. How's that for a statement of best practices? So I gathered some devices and tinkerings that looked intriguing, dumped them into Tupperware-type containers (to get rid of the childish packaging), and stuck them on a bottom shelf.

Maybe I'll get them out around Hallowe'en.

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