International Literacy Day, 2010 (Part 2)

Globally, 8 September is an occasion to celebrate women’s empowerment through literacy and pay tribute to the women and men who work behind the scenes who help others acquire literacy skills and enter a world of opportunities.

Hey! I think I found my International Literacy Day (with a nod to women's empowerment) post!

According to a story in today's Telegraph, seven year old Rebecca Crosby, with the help of her mom, "wrote a letter to the mayor and her ward councillors" about the dangerous traffic conditions where she and her friends had to walk to get to school.

She got a letter back from the city manager, and shortly thereafter the city installed new crosswalks and added speed humps.

I don't know anything about Rebecca's literacy skills or learning experiences, nor those of her family, but I thought it a fit story to repeat on this day when we should be hopeful about the power of the written word to improve women's lives.

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