Learning to share with Google

Yeah, well. File this one under shameless self-promotion if you want. But my whole sky-drive storage idea thingy has turned into a bit of a Bricklin.

So... I'm migrating stuff over to Google docs, including these bits of research and writings:

The Bookwagon: A resource for family, early childhood and community literacy workers (2010)

Using reflective practice to remove barriers in family and community literacy (2008)

Women's art & literacies: Scaffolding learning & supporting, planning & participation through a series of art workshops (2007)

Quality Storytents: A resource for family, early childhood and community literacy workers (2006)

Summer Reading Club: Outreach library service through a neighbourhood storytent program (2005)

Literacy as barrier to health and health as a barrier to literacy: Population health and the quality learning environment (2004)

Quality Storytents: Revisiting using Choice Theory to support reading (2004)

Quality Storytents: Using Choice Theory to support reading (2003)

Together families learn: A family literacy promotion campaign (2003)

There are a few more to come - there's some formatting to sort out on a document about an adult learning group from 2006, and our 2007 storytent research needs some photo changes to become web-safe - and I hope to get them all in a prominent place... Um, probably the sidebar of our main QLNB landing page: http://qlnb.blogspot.com

Eventually, I'll feed the Liz Tracy stuff from Google as well.

And with that - blog on Goggle's Blogger, text on Google docs, video on Google-owned Youtube, pictures on Google's Picasa... I only need an audio hosting site to become entirely Google dependent.

You know, I think that whole eggs-in-one-basket worry is way overblown. Don't you?


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