Reading material for adult literacy learners

Yeah, so, I don't know if you noticed, but down on the right-hand sidebar I'm starting a list of free reading-writing resources (mostly lower level adult stories) that can be accessed and printed for use in an adult literacy program.

The first two are hosted on NALD. Each link takes you a page where they are indexed - you can take it from there. I should say I've used both resources more than once, and I expect I will use them again.

The last two come from the website of the Marshall Adult Education Center in Minnesota. These stories are also printable. But if you cycle back a bit you can find a link where the stories are presented online for repeated reading, and - with the right browser plug-in (here you'll want to be using Chrome rather than Firefox) - learners can also listen to them being read aloud. It's not a format I've used - I'm happier using in printables either one-on-one or in group reading... but please explore this site for yourself.

I'm a little bit fussy about what I put up here. I wouldn't link to an on-line spelling quiz, for example. Or something like text-twist or hangman (though maybe a separate list of learning games wouldn't be out of line). But, if you know of other free printable stories or other lower-level reading material that you think fits the list, please feel free to post a link in the comments.


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