Bookwagons after dark

I don't know how this Tuesday night bookwagon thing is going to work out.

We're still lending to children and adults. We did our first round of Christmas books. (Everyone gets to pick one Christmas book to be one of their three if they want. Spot's Christmas and The Grinch got the biggest response.) Families still seemed happy to see us.

But it's crazy dark. And wet. The last two weeks the wind filled with rain before we were finished, wrecking havoc on exposed books. And dark. Which means, among other things, it's hard to spot dog droppings.

And yet. And yet. What else are we going to do?

I console myself that we're less than a month from the winter solstice. After that the days get longer again. Our evenings return.

I won't need to carry a flashlight and an umbrella.

It's not that there's no money, you know. It's that they want to do something else with it.


Anonymous said...

Ummm, a string of solar-powered Christmas/solstice/Diwali/Hannukah lights on the bookwagon?

Wendell said...

Exactly... just as soon as the driving rain stops. :/