Hallowe'en reads

As I came through the desert thus it was,
As I came through the desert

Did you guys do any Hallowe'en reading this year? We didn't, which was kind of disappointing.

Well, one learner and I shared a Papertexts version of The Birds. That is, I read it silently in class, and then said to one hapless soul, "You have to read this - it's so good."

I don't know much about the Papertexts series, except that it was put out by the Associated Educational Services division of Simon & Schuster Inc about 50 years ago. (My copy of The Birds is dated 1967.) Nothing about Papertexts shows up on the S&S website, so I guess the series is out of print. There are guiding or reflective questions and vocabulary activities in the back, though they're a bit boring.

Oh, and another reader is reading the Quick Reads book Someone Like Me by Tom Holt. Like The Birds, it's full of slow building tension. It's a sci-fi pot-boiler set in the underground dark sometime in the distance future.

And I started The Willows on Hallowe'en, though I confess to falling asleep before the second act.

Among Bookwagoners, for the first time ever, we had requests for neither Twilight nor Harry Potter. However, Goosebumps has been holding its own - and, of course, the latest must-have remains any version of the Wimpy Kid books.

Our real Hallowe'en adventure happened after I decided to decorate the wagon. I bought some of that fake cobweb stuff, and strung it around the sides. It quickly became tangled around one wheel. That made the wagon super hard to pull, but it also created a wailing, creaking, groaning noise that made us sound like a graveyard corpse-wagon - especially with the fake chains jangling off the back.

But as the pulling got harder and the noise got louder and the web drew tighter and the axle heated up... catastrophe loomed.

Luckily, we were only a hundred meters from the barn when the wheel fell off.



Ginny Hooper said...

Nope didn't get to read anything spooky this year either - well except for my age!!! lol

I miss being able to do those kinds of things with my learners!!

*via Facebook*

Karen Bosworth said...

Yes! We read a short story called The Dead Hand and now learners are creating PowerPoint shows of the story using images searched in Google.

So much fun! Can't share though due to use of copyrighted pics.

* via Facebook *

Wendell said...

Too cool, Karen.