On buying books and... whatever.

According to an op-ed in today's Daily Gleaner (Fredericton), "Doug Goss, who heads the Central Valley Adult Literacy Association Inc., was happy that the new Progressive Conservative government wasted no time in announcing a $500,000 advertising campaign to promote literacy."

I hope this means Mr. Goss has a crazy large budget for literacy, as well as bookshelves full to bursting with quality novels, nonfiction and instructional works.

A half-million for advertising.



Let's talk about One Good Turn.

In 1917, on the Western Front near Ypres, an infantryman comes to and finds he can't remember anything. Now, he's about to be tried for cowardice and theft. That's the start of a Quick Reads novel by Chris Ryan that is equal parts commentary on the filth of the war in the trenches, and the soul destroying machinery of the British army under which so many Canadians served.

It's a reading difficulty level of 6 or 7 (some UK military terminology), a decent read and a good place to start a discussion about World War One - the "Great War" which was never a "good" war. But it is the war that gave us Flanders Fields, the poppy and November 11th.

If you've got an extra half-mill kicking around, you might even buy a class set.

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