Seven years into the UN Literacy decade

The domain has expired. If I was in Southern Ontario, I'd be taking Tannis and Tracey out for drinks. Later we could wander down Yonge Street and throw some bricks.

At its fifty-sixth session, in 2001, the General Assembly of the United Nations decided 2003 through 2012 would be a Literacy Decade. It doesn't seem to have been going all that well.

Anyway... I wanted to ask if anyone has any of the past Literacies issues posted up on the cloud anywhere?

I started downloading and re-posting to Google docs this summer, fearful that something like this might happen. But I'm more of a grasshopper than an ant, and my storehouse is still pretty empty.

If you do have them up, and there's a public go-to link, please let me know. If you have some pdf files, but they're not up, I'd be glad to repost them in Google docs. I think NALD would also gladly host old issues in part or full.

I'm just saying. It would be a shame to lose all those learnings and dreamings, as well as the documented accounts on how real literacy work got shoved aside, and so many of the dreams of 2001, 2002, 2003 expired as the decade ground on.

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