Learning about videos for learning

Alphaplus technophile Maria put up a short post listing some of the tools and sites she's played with over the past year. Down at the bottom, you can see Animoto.com listed. That was the site she and the Tech Tuesday crowd got me hooked on - at the cost of a week's worth of dishes and who knows how many loads of undone laundry.

Since then - was it last summer, or the spring? - I've puttered with various video-making and screen capture tools. These days, I'm settling down with Camstudio (which I like because its open source and simple) and Windows Movie Maker (version 6, which I like because I know how to make it talk, despite the acknowledged bug that keeps it from working properly in Vista).

I don't know exactly what use this will be, apart from promo videos (which Animoto did just fine). I have it in my head that I can create some how-to videos for my learners and friends who aren't too sure about using maintenance tools on their computers. I also think there's some math stuff that I'd like to try....

Anyway, the point is that I've been poking about some with the creation of some videos that are more than just fancy power-points with music (i.e., just text and photos - this sort of thing). My first, serious test (and fail) was one I tried to make this week for a friend who wanted to be able to watch movies online safely.

I won't bore you with the details - the blank screens, the audio drop-outs, the endless cups of coffee. But I will bore you with the video. :)

Oh, and, fair warning - I'm apt to be talking a lot about video for the next three months or so.

Or, you know, maybe not... depending on how this goes. :)

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