Bright bookwagons in February

And then spring returned.

Not that it was warm - minus 17 is still a bit unpleasant. But the sun was out. No more doing bookwagon in the dark.

It wasn't a big night. We had three adults borrow nine books (mostly quick-read types), plus eight or nine kids. One stop was for a shut-in who took a whole fistful of books. Twice we dropped off a package of leveled books for kids where families asked for specific literacy support. And then we were done.

I unpacked the wagon, while Cheryl hustled off to give a power-point presentation to a Home & School group about last fall's family literacy workshop series Family Ties (in partnership with Ontario's Project READ). I crammed the quick reads into my bag so I'd have them for today's class, and then I went home to finish off a pot pie and a biography of Richard III.

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