A Family Evening with Clifford

Literacy volunteer Heather McKend with Clifford the Big Red Dog

My first party for 2011. Yay! (Family Literacy Day got snowed out.)

It was a throw-back to the old days, when we hustled around to other people's events and made-up a gazillion of our own, trying to get local media attention and build up community goodwill. The goodwill part still applies, but thankfully we care less about the media. On the one hand, we've accepted that the local, traditional media aren't very much interested in the story we tell - they've got their own narrative about things like why people are poor, why they don't read well, what can be done to help them, and who deserves the credit for almost anything good that happens. *shrug* On the other hand, well, there's this internet thing... you know what I mean?

Anyway, back to the party. It was part of a Scholastic Book Fair held at Hazen White / St. Francis Elementary School, and called a "Family Evening." There were board games and floor games aplenty, reading and shopping and storytelling. A big spaghetti supper. And yours truly, reprising his role as Clifford the Big Red Dog. We were happy to be help out on the night, connecting with our families, building a stronger relationship with the school, and seizing the chance to grab some really great deals for the bookwagon.

As for being Clifford. Well, whatever else the life of a literacy worker is, it's never dignified. So we figure we might as well have some fun.

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