Big troubles vs. little peeves - perspective

My lame excuse for not blogging much lately is that I've been doing some off-line work. But also I've been watching, mostly via twitter, the outlawing of unions in the States, the collapse of the rebellion in Libya, and the multi-part devastation in Japan.

Then, I found this (from a former NB Minister of Education) in the twitter stream - a splendid example of someone who thinks students' "getting higher literacy scores" a) equates with kids "getting more literate" and, b) is done primarily by adults who work in an office.

Imagine claiming as a personal accomplishment that someone you never even met now reads better!

On the other hand, Mr. Lamrock can be justly proud of reducing poverty in New Brunswick during his time as Minister of Family & Community Services (a.k.a. Dept. of Social Development). How? By raising the take-home of people on social assistance.

Unlike literacy, money is indeed something you can give people while working in an office in Fredericton - even in record amounts if you want.

Still, all in all, I'm glad to live in New Brunswick.

The government hasn't outlawed unions and the army isn't shooting at us. We have no earthquakes or tsunamis to speak of. And our nuclear reactor is remarkably safe, if only because the damn thing's been stone cold out of order for three years with no end in sight.

New Brunswick... be in this place.

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