2011 Census

I didn't get counted this year, which I was sorry for. As the week worn on, and no census form appeared, I did the right thing and called them up. I talked with a very nice lady on the phone - she didn't sound like a Lockheed Martin merchant of death - who promised to send me a paper form.

She took my name and address. It occurred to me that if she also took my birth date (which would give my age), put me down as a Canadian-born anglophone, and confirmed that I wasn't a farmer, we'd be done. For that matter, all she really needed was my address, since the other details were the same as the last 9 times they asked. But, well... you know. Privacy and all that.

Anyway, the paper form never showed. Seems indicative somehow of our generally shrinking sense of a possible civic community.

I did get to see the census. I had a learner whom I helped with the online form. It was quite straightforward, despite some odd phrasing, and only took about 20 minutes - and that because the internet connection dropped, and we had to start over.

I also saw the 2011 Teacher's Kit from Stats Can. I noticed that it had lots of information and a couple of fill-in-the-blank type questions. Oddly, it lacked one really helpful thing - an accurate mock census form for learners to practice on.

Go figure.


Update: Three weeks later, a very nice gentleman stopped by and collected my information.

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