Best of the Westcoast Reader

Hey, did you guys know about that Best of the Reader site? Mind explaining why I was last to know?

According Joan Acosta's 2010 post, stories and exercises from The Westcoast Reader (1982 to 2009) have been compiled, in some cases updated, and made freely available as 12 ebooks (pdf files). The material is published under a Creative Commons License, meaning it is freely available for noncommercial use, sharing, copying and distribution. Their home site acknowledges the financial support of Capilano University, so I'm happy to give them a hat tip as well.

So far, I've only used the Amazing Stories booklet (pdf here), but it was a pleasure to work with. It was useful with someone at an instructional Reading Level of 3. It contained genuinely interesting stories. And, it offered us varied and accessible exercises.

In our case, there was a bit of background knowledge missing. What it means for winter to come to the Rockies, for example. (Snow would never trap horses in NB.) But that just added to the learning.

We're going to read Easy Stories: People next (pdf here). Meantime, I'm adding this to my sidebar list of free lower-level adult reading resources - look under Adult Reading To Print.

Um... if there's something else I'm missing you Will let me know, right?

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