Effective, unfunded programs and resources (Part 2)

It was sunny and warm enough that some kids had the hoses out (and demanded to know why we weren't setting up the storytent).

Still, 33 of them paused to borrow, along with one adult. We lent 104 books in total - board, picture, short chapter and novel.

Half way through, we ran out of board books; in part because we ran into an unexpected pack of eager three years olds. We also ran out of Wimpy Kid books, and most of the better Munsch stories. We picked up one new family - they want us to knock next week - and provided two instances of extra support (parenting, health).

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Cheryl :) said...

"Effective, unfunded programs and resources" could be an epic mini series of some sort - Effective, unfunded programs and resources (part 348)...