The Wet Days

On rainy days, the tents are set up first. If there is a wind blowing, they can be set at an angle, with their “backs” to the rain. Then, the blankets and ground sheet can lie well inside the borders of the tent.

On such days, it is worthwhile bringing fewer books. Since books too will get wet, it is helpful to divide the full collection into morning and afternoon books, thereby ensuring a dry selection of titles for the whole day.

Blankets will get wet on foggy or rainy days, or even mornings with a heavy dew or frost. If more than one storytent session is to be delivered in a day, extra blankets will probably be needed. In any case, blankets will need to be dried at the end of the day. Groundsheets can also become too wet to reuse, and will require drying. On very wet days, canopies can become saturated, and may need to be replaced for a second storytent session.

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Lisa said...

If there was a story tent outside my house right now I know Keira and Trevlin would there in the pouring rain. Story tent has become one of the kids favorite thing to play TOGETHER in the back yard :D

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