Plans for fall and winter


The other night the geese passed over, sounding like a gaggle of hockey fans.  When periodic tropical clouds aren't pressing down on us, Nova Scotia is visible across the Bay in the clear, autumn light.  Fall has come.

And so has my fall and winter schedule.  Starting next week, I'll be hosting a GED prep class full days Monday through Friday, as well as a basic adult ed and/or adult literacy class on Monday and Wednesday evenings.

I also expect to start literacy tutoring again on Friday evenings (and maybe Tuesday after bookwagon - I've got 2 adult learners to whom I'm dropping off materials of increasing difficulty).

We're going to stay with our Tuesday suppertime bookwagon for the winter.  As well, we're starting another community libraries project: this time setting up four user-run libraries in provincial seniors' housing.

Most of this work - the library project, the classes - will be paid work (Yay!) and will continue on until next summer - when we'll be completely distracted by our 10th year of Storytent.  The rest of it, I guess I do just for fun.  :P

Other than that, I'm collaborating with someone on an easier-read social studies workbook(s).  I am glumly aware of having done nothing on the Liz Tracy front, and have some other writing I've been poking at with no real progress being made.  I really think it's time we wrote another publishable paper, though I can't think where to publish.  We are getting ready to revise the Storytent how-to based on the past 5 year's worth of learnings as well as what we're hearing from others who have adapted the program to their communities.

Write, write, write.  And read - I have another pile of unread books growing by my bedside.

And blog, of course.  I've been not-blogging quite a bit this summer, freeing up time to do other things, human things, lovely outdoor things.

But fall has come.  They're into daytime single digit temperatures in Ulukhaktok.  Our days are still warm down here, but still...  As the season passes, I expect I'll spend more of my days indoors, calling out to the rest of the country.  Canada, simul prorsum.  We've miles to go before we sleep.

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