2011 Storytent

question: Do you have any stories you can share?
answer: Every time they see you guys they’re screaming and yelling to go outside.  They yell “Storytent! We’re going outside!”

Parent Survey Response

We've finally gotten our 2011 Storytent reports written and sent out.  Between our first tent, on June 28, and our last tent, on August 25, we held 69 storytents and ran 6 bookwagons.  All told, we served 148 different children and 27 different adults.  Counted by total units of service - and this includes the 6 bookwagon trips - we served a child on 780 occasions, and an adult on 52 occasions.

Excluding bookwagon, our storytent-only numbers are 640 child and 30 adult units of service.  You can see that bookwagon makes a big difference in how many adults we serve, which is why we reinstated bookwagon after the second week. We'd originally planned to cancel it until fall - a way to deal with reduced funding - but recognized that we were missing an important avenue of contact with parents.

Storytent children’s ages ranged from 18 months to age 15, falling heavily on the preschool end.  This was a planned development: we located our tents this year with little kids in mind.  In previous years, we ran tents twice per week in four or five locations.  This year, we ran once per week in eight locations.  We reasoned older children could follow us about so long as we were in their end of the neighbourhood (on one side of a street on Monday, for example, and the other side on Wednesday).  On the other hand, younger children and their parents would find it easier to access us if we were closer to their homes (on their side of the street) at least once per week.

The number of books individual children recorded reading over the summer ranged from 3 - 222.  In total, children recorded reading 4330 books over the nine-week period (3551 from Summer Reading Club participants and 779 from other participants).  As well, children and adults borrowed 869 books through the Storytent and Bookwagon programs.

I've lost count of our 9-year total of books borrowed (it's somewhere around 60,000) or storytent books read (about 35,000) but it doesn't matter, really.

A more interesting number - which I don't have - is how many different books this represents.  Certainly, less than 1,000.  Less than 500?  I don't know.

Another interesting number is how many of the kids we served were born in this neighbourhood sometime in the last nine years.  How many grew up with storytents and bookwagon being a normal, expected part of their lives?

There are lots of numbers we could crunch, if only we had the time.

Anyway, next year is year 10.  We're already planning ways to celebrate and spend money and such.  After that, well...  who can say?

question:  What would you miss most about the project if it wasn’t here?
answer:  The kids not being able to get to read books.  They’re not canceling yous are they?
Parent Survey Response


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