Snow days

A snow day today.

Which might have meant a relaxing morning sitting by the hot-water pipes reading long, careful essays on the state of modern literacy, or Greece's economic future, or sauropods.

Alas, there was paperwork to do; forms to be filled out online and inexactly replicated by hand.  Then there were the many printed and photocopied bits and pieces of science, social studies, language arts to organize into binders by theme and reading difficulty.  And, I had a learner - I always have a learner on storm days, cancelled classes be damned.

Actually, the learner was a bit of good luck, because he brought up the matter of finding the volume of spheres - golf balls, let us say - and the empty space created when we pack them in square or rectangular containers.... and so what does that mean when you have a whole tractor-trailer load of these things?  How many cubic metres of empty space are being hauled about on our highways?

These questions filled enough of the morning that not until after lunch were we able to get to the important question of how to find X when X and X+7 make up two sides of a right-angle triangle whose longest side measures 13 units.

Well, that might have gone quite badly had we not, somewhat by accident, found the answer to X-squared plus 2X equals fifteen or some such nonsense last week.

In any case, we solved it, and I got my paperwork done in spite of such pleasant diversions, and he went home early, so I created two more binders.

Which left me thinking how little time there is, always, even on a snow day when classes are cancelled, to just read a book, or scribble out an encouraging note to a colleague, or really clean that spot on the sink behind the taps.

Look, now it's 4:50 already!  And how dark it is out there with the snow still falling!

My evening classes are cancelled as well, of course.

Still, I think I should slip out for supper - or what supper I can find - and come right back for a little while.  Just in case someone shows up.  And just in case they don't.

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