Christmas events 2011 (Part 1)

We've had our first Christmas wagon of the year, and our first Christmas party.

We used the little Eliminator battery to run coloured LED lights again, though I want to do more decorating.  (As with last year, we tucked the powerbox into a plastic box with a notch cut in the side.)  After we got going, I noticed our larger LED lights are running low (batteries, I suppose) and I forgot my flashlight so it was still too dark for proper browsing.  All the same, we attracted some positive comment and lent out a passel of books on doorsteps.

We went to the Christmas party not quite sure what role we were to play.  (The ask was, "Would you come and read?")  It turned out they wanted a storytent-style book corner, which was okay with us.  We had few kids sit and read - this was in a neighbourhood we visit only once or twice a year, so families don't know us well - and one adult engage us to ask an adult learning program.  But that's what event-tents are like, and we're okay with it.

The party featured a delightful little-kids' choir, as well as Bernard the Magician.  It was interesting watching Bernard work and adapt to his young audience.  As the show went on, he used fewer puns, and went with more slap-stick.  He called out volunteers, supported them to ensure they were successful, and gave the larger audience cues for when to clap and exclaim - four and five year olds learning how to be the audience of a magic show.  I found myself thinking of it as a learning event.  He had to adapt to his environment and audience to reach his objectives: they, too, had to adjust their behaviour to work with him toward the common goal of an entertaining show.

Later today, I'm going over to the office to prep for next weekend's parties (we're taking part in two) and add to the wagon's decorations.  I also want to dig out decorations for my classroom so we can start decorating on Monday.

'Tis the season.

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