There is no other justification for an acte gratuit.
                                                         - M. Herzog, Annapurna

Today I mailed my application for admission to Unv. Vic's Certificate in Adult and Continuing Education (CACE) Program.

I decided to try it out for a variety of reasons.  I'm hearing that distance education isn't quite as chaotic and discouraging as it used to be.  I have a friend and co-worker to take the course with me (and blame it on if it all goes wrong).  I've got the funds.  I'm not really employable anymore with just High School.  And, mostly, I'm interested in what the content of the course consists of.  (Think of it as ethnomethodology.)  In any case, this kind of adventure seems commonplace among my learners.  So why not me?

In other news, we're starting the 5th week of our summer Storytent program.  I've some stories from that I want to share.  Soon.  I'm still facilitating an evening class twice weekly with a range of learners (some working on basic literacy, some prepping to enter NB Community College).  I'm been doing some computer hardware/software learning - ooh! And I bought a new laptop!  I was going to wait until spring, but I wanted to get in before Windows 8 became the default OS, which is likely to happen this fall, so….

Of course, the big news is Kate Nonesuch's blog Working in Adult Literacy.

She's been telling interesting and important stories.  Go there.  Read.  Comment.  Check in often.



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Kate Nonesuch said...

Thanks for pointing the way to my blog, Wendell--I'm still figuring out how things work, and looking at your blog as a great example to follow.

I hope you enjoy your online learning in the CACE program--and I hope you'll blog about your experience as you go along.