Spring, 2016

It's been four or maybe five years since self-appointed leaders in adult literacy set our field alight.

(Remember those campaigns and conferences on literacy as poverty reduction or economic stimulus or employment readiness? Remember when we promoted key-note speeches from bank VPs and CEOs? Remember how they reminded us that being effective and accountable meant focusing on international test rankings, financial literacy scores and workplace essential skills - even while banks and investment houses received more than $100 billion in bailouts from our national government?)

By now, much of the field has burned to the ground.  The hungry gazes of professional organizers, guest speakers for hire and other social service looters have shifted elsewhere (schools, hospitals, carbon reduction, water).  Maybe, for awhile, they'll leave us alone.

I was thinking I might start writing again.


kate nonesuch said...

I'm hoping you'll start writing again!

kate said...

sorry to take so long replying--I've been away.